What is Going on in Charlottesville?

What is Going on in Charlottesville?

Sep 25, 2016

African Americans and white Progressives seem to have total conviction in their interpretation of what is going on in the political phenomenon in Charlottesville:

“The U.S. is a racist country and it is oppressing blacks. One manifestation of this oppression is the trend of white policemen killing unarmed black men.”

Since in Charlottesville, the police commissioner and the officer who shot the “unarmed black man” were black themselves, now the narrative has shifted slightly. Also there seems to be as many white Progressives and revolutionaries protesting “the killing of an unarmed black man.” So now the interpretation of events is the following:

White racism isn’t necessarily the problem, but rather the problem is “institutional racism,” which is oppressing blacks and which is being manifested in the trend of killing unarmed black men.

However, many white people – other than the white Progressives — don’t understand the situation at all. They are scratching their heads, with no idea of what to do with the rioting and the protesting.

They see a man with a gun refusing to obey a reasonable request of an officer to drop the gun, then the officer feeling threatened by the suspect, and finally the officer following his training and shooting the suspect.  The average white person sees the reasonableness of this action whether the suspect was white or black.  Sure, perhaps the officer over-reacted and, sure, perhaps better training could be done to injure the suspect rather than “shoot to kill.”  But it’s nothing to riot about.  After all, the society needs some level of law and order.  And the suspect could have simply done what the officer demanded.  The society must have some form of authority.

The average white person doesn’t even see cops killing unarmed black men as a big problem.  The much bigger problem is black men killing other black people.  In 2015 there were 6,000 blacks killed by other blacks and 258 killed by police (justified or not).  (In 2014 there were 193 black persons killed by white persons and 431 whites killed by blacks.)  4% of all black homicide victims are killed by cops and 93% by other blacks.  Plus, most of the unarmed black men killed by police were resisting arrest in some form for a suspected crime.

The black con argument is that cops are biased against blacks in their shootings.  A Harvard professor recently studied 1,000 homicides by cops and found zero evidence in police bias.  In fact in Houston, blacks were 24% less likely to be killed by cops than whites.

Eddie’s two cents

Here is Existential Eddie’s humble interpretation of what is going on:

One can’t understand this political phenomenon without understanding the concept of the black con and the white sucker.

The “black con” has been described in other articles in this site as the collection of false and dysfunctional racial beliefs held by over 25% of the black population. The black con is also the portion of an individual African American’s personality that holds these beliefs and behaviors.

The “white sucker” is the white person who is “conned” by these beliefs.  He accepts and agrees with the black con, especially the black guilt trip. He feels terrible about his own feelings and perceptions about the African American community. He supports giving the black con whatever they demand. Often he ends up receiving the negative consequences of the black con. He passively watches his communities and cities being destroyed and he ends up paying for their restoration and paying for all the increased benefits to the African American community.  He sees little progress in race relations, regardless of how much he gives.

The average African American also pays a heavy price for the dysfunctional effects of the black con, especially an increased negative stigma in the perception of the African American community. Of course, this stigma and the other consequences of the black con is blamed on the white sucker.

The protests in Charlottesville are not primarily aimed at stopping police violence against unarmed black men, but rather to energize the black con movement, specifically to gain as much black power as possible. The black con and the Progressives will use any imperfection in the society to energize the movement to the maximum extent.  Protesting blacks killing other blacks doesn’t result in more money and benefits nor more black power.

Some of the goals of the black power movement are those of the black con: to achieve neurotic freedom, neurotic equality, neurotic justice, and neurotic peace.

Neurotic equality

They want to establish a society where blacks have as much political and economic power as whites, even though they comprise only 14% of the population. They want to have the same financial equality of whites, even though they don’t work as hard and don’t do the other behaviors that are necessary to financial success. Here are some of those behaviors:

Get married and stay married (be responsible for your children).

Invest 20% of your income (especially in your education).

Understand compound interest.

Value education.

Protestors complain that there is 50% unemployment among black youth. But the white sucker looks around and sees almost 0% unemployment among young Hispanic immigrants. The white taxpayer sees these (often illegal) immigrants working hard, contributing to society, and earning enough money to support themselves and their families, as well as sending money home.

The white conservative also sees Asian youth with nearly 0% unemployment. Many of these youths have experienced much more oppression in their home countries than blacks have had in this country.

With his demand for financial equality between all racial groups, the black con is committed to taking as much money from the white sucker as he can get, until there is this racial financial equality.  To accomplish this goal he applies constant political pressure to pass laws for more income distribution and diversity.  If that doesn’t work, there’s always theft and drug dealing. Any resistance to the goal of racial financial equality by the white sucker is considered racism and oppression.

Neurotic justice

Protestors are also demanding neurotic justice. They want an equal percentage of all races arrested and imprisoned, regardless of the different behaviors of the different races. Thus since blacks are only 14% of the U.S. population there should be only 14% black prisoners, as opposed the current number of around 50%.  Having this high prison population is considered by the black con as the reinstitution of slavery and jails are seen as plantations.

The protestors want to be able to resist arrest, assault cops, refuse to obey reasonable orders from cops, and threaten cops with death, all with no consequences.

The protestors want African Americans to be treated equally by cops, as equal as everyone else, even though African American males commit four times the rate of crimes as the average American. And this includes four times the rate in the murdering of cops.  Cops arresting more blacks than other racial groups is considered racial profiling.

Neurotic peace

The protestors want neurotic peace. They want to be able to destroy property and assault innocent people in riots until all of their demands are met. Then there will be peace. No justice no peace.

Neurotic freedom

Many of the protestors also want neurotic freedom for African Americans. They want to be free from the U.S. (racist) laws, especially they want the freedom to steal, assault, kill, and sell drugs, with no legal consequences. Any practical political strategy to combat this neurotic freedom is seen as oppressive and racist.

Riots forever 

It seems as though whites must accept these periodic riots, regardless of what is done. The riots will continue for indefinite future, for the neurotic demands for neurotic freedom, justice, equality, and peace can never be met.

African Americans will never have equal outcomes as the average American until they behave in the same way as those Americans behave who have what the black con wants.  Here are some of those behaviors:

Reduce the 70% illegitimacy rate to the average American rate, around 20%. (If African Americans want to achieve what Asian Americans achieve, they can reduce the rate to their level, around 5%.)

African American men contribute to the raising of their children as much as men in other groups.

Obey laws to the same extent as every other group in America.  Raise their children to obey the laws passed by the democratic process (as imperfect as it may be).

Have the same respect for these laws and the same cooperation with police.

Earn the same grades in school.

Earn the same levels of education.

Work as hard.

Contribute as much.  Contribute to the same extent as others to the society and to one’s workplace.

Invest their personal income as much.

Have the same level consideration and respect for other persons as people in other racial groups have.

Have an equal level of etiquette.

Accept the reality that African Americans have the same moral and legal duties as every other person in the world. They are equal.

Black con racial beliefs

One of the core beliefs of the black con is that – because of slavery and racial discrimination of the past – they are unable to choose to have these equal behaviors. However, few immigrants buy this rationalization; only the white sucker buys it because of the black guilt trip that has so successfully been placed in his mind.

These immigrants know that their personal histories in their home countries have been much more difficult and much more oppressive than African American’s history. But yet they succeed in the U.S. often even higher than the average American. For instance Caribbean blacks have a higher income than the average American after only one generation. And the Chinese immigrants – who had draconian oppression under communism and had over 50 million killed – do better than the average American in almost every field. And Jewish people have been oppressed and discriminated against for 2,000 years.

Even though African Americans, as a group, have historically suffered more than European Americans, as a group, many black individuals have suffered much less than many white individuals.  In fact, since young black criminals often prey on the elderly, often the black criminal has suffered much less than his victim, especially since he is younger and in better health.

For another example, consider President Obama. Even though he may have suffered some racial discrimination in his personal life, for example, in his youth having white sales people keeping an eye on him in stores, he was still raised in Hawaii, lived in Indonesia, had devoted grandparents, had a devoted mother, went to Columbia University, and graduated from Harvard Law School. Consider his “suffering” with an average white kid’s suffering who was raised in the suburbs or an average white kid who was raised in Appalachia.


Dysfunctional beliefs and dysfunctional political policies can never work in the long run.  The reason for this is that the very nature of dysfunction beliefs and behaviors is that they are not congruent with political, economic and psychological reality. In the long run, reality always wins. Truth always wins.

In the meantime, we will probably see these riots and protests go on for a long, long time.  If it isn’t “the killing of unarmed black men by police” it will be another imperfection in the society.  After all, these riots and protests have been going on for over 50 years now, with little improvement race relations, even though trillions of dollars have been transferred from white to black.


  1. Charlottesville is not an expansive city, we have to give the examination a chance to continue before accepting anything. On the off chance that we ought to take in anything from the Michael Brown episode, it is that a few people take sides taking into account race as opposed to holding up to see the proof, and a portion of the media like to fan the flares before we realize what began the flame.

  2. Michael /

    The African-American people group needs to likewise address the unmitigated dismissal for the set up laws inside this group and state. When you violate the law, you get captured. When you oppose capture, you get brought down with sensible power. Quit violating laws and opposing capture, then you won’t get roughed up. It is not my business to attempt to settle it, it begins at home. Quit showing your youngsters that white individuals are terrible and everybody is against them.

    • admin /


      Good point. If parents brought up ALL children to respect and obey the laws — including laws against resisting arrest and refusing to obey a reasonable request from a police office — many of these problems would be resolved and it would be a better country.

      And if you don’t like the laws, work to change them.

      tx for your comment,


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