Al Sharpton is a Good Father

Al Sharpton is a Good Father

Sep 30, 2016

Al Sharpton has raised his daughter well.   After a lifetime of scapegoating the white sucker and taking as much money and benefits as he can from them, his daughter is taking up the fight. No justice, no peace.

She is suing the taxpayers of New York City for $5 million for injuring her ankle on an imperfect sidewalk. It’s not relevant that she went partying soon after the “injury” and later went hiking up the mountains in Asia. Her injury still bothers her.

The neurotic demand is that all the sidewalks in New York City should be perfect, and if they’re not, the taxpayers should pay through the nose. No justice, no peace.

(Of course, the lawyers should get 33% of the payout. After all, look how smart, hard working, and ethical they are!)


  1. Daniel /

    I think RG has a point. Not only does Al’s daughter take advantage of the system, Al Sharpton and other Black leaders too have taken advantage of the system. Long gone are the days where leader live frugally such as MLK. Sharpton and some other Black leaders take money through special interests in the name of making a difference for Blacks yet do nothing to help them. 6000 Blacks dead in Chicago…where has Sharpton been….my point explained by this example.

  2. Maria /

    I agree with Daniel. Rather than calling folks a RINO (Republican in name only), we ought to call Sharpton and others like him a BINO (BLACK IN NAME ONLY).

    • admin /


      Thanks for your original idea!

      It’s interesting that Sharpton, and many other BINOS fight against Charter Schools in NYC, even though they have proven to tremendously help minority students. Sharpton is more for the highly paid minority teachers in public schools than he is for the minority students. Plus the UFT,the teacher’s union, may give Sharpton’s group donations, just like they did for Mayor DeBlasio’s campaign.

      tx again,

  3. admin /

    Interesting insights. I think this country is unique in that many of the radicals and revolutionaries become millionaires. I think you are saying that many of the “idealist” political activists are monetizing their political movement — that is, making money out of them. But Sharpton and the Clintons ($100 million since 2000) aren’t the only ones; look at Sarah Palin.

    You make another strong point in that most black leaders offer no practical solutions to black-on-black crime. I feel there’s no money and no power to be gained out of resolving those problems. The money, the fame, and the power are made through exploiting the white-on-black crimes, especially the white cop on “unarmed” black suspect crimes (who are usually physically resisting arrest).

    I explored some of your ideas in

    Thanks for your contribution to the discussion.


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