Vote for RG Martin

Vote for RG Martin

Nov 1, 2016






Let’s stop kidding ourselves. We feel our angst for the future for a reason. And neither Donald Trump or the Democrats going to do much to get rid of this bleak vision of the future.

The reason they are going to do nothing about it is they don’t want to see the problem. They want to bury their heads in the sand.

And what is this collapse? It is our $19 trillion debt (and increasing); it is the world’s draining of the earth of all its natural recourses; it is the transfer of the U.S. industrial might to Mexico and China; it is 50% unemployment in some minority communities; it is the heroin epidemic; it is the spread of nuclear weapons; it is our being on the brink of World War III; it is the unraveling of the world order; it is the illegal immigration; it is the global warming (with the increasing amounts of floods, fires, and droughts); it is cyber warfare; and it is global Islamic jihad.

And what does Trump plan to do about this collapse?  Deny it.

And what do the Democrats plan to do about this collapse?

Band-Aids! Band-Aids! Band-Aids!

What does RG plan to do about this impending disaster?

A new economic model that has sustainability as its priority.

A priority of quality of life, which emphasizes everyone obeying the law.

An end to illegal immigration, including deporting many of the illegal immigrants in the country now. (Amnesty encourages illegal immigration.)

Prison Reform (Our prisons are full.)

Guaranteed employment at minimum wage.

World government (based on democracy).

No-interest loans for education for all citizens.

National sales tax on all harmful goods.

America first in trade deals.


Let’s all put our heads together and make it a better world.  Remember, “the answers my friend, are blowin in the wind.”



  1. Yes- Lets vote for RG indeed. Are you on the ballot or should we write you in? I definitely am not voting Crooked Hillary or Obnoxious Trump. Gary can’t name a single foreign leader and Stein seems to be protesting with no cause.

    • Jeff,
      Tx a lot. I got one more vote. Yes, write me in. It won’t even register, but I feel it’s an authentic vote. I agree with you about Trump and Hillary. That’s why I’m running. People ask me, who are you voting for. I can say “myself”, and I’m thinking, “I’m voting for reason.”

      However, I disagree with you (an acceptable antithesis) about my not liking Trump nor Hillary. I think Hillary is as honest as the rest of them, and maybe even more so. She seems more honest than her husband (“I never had sex with that woman”), Obama (“you can keep your doctor and your premiums will go down”), and Bush II (look how he lied about weapons of mass destruction).

      What I don’t like about her is that she is for open borders. “Hell with the country, just get more votes for the democrats.”

      I don’t mind that Trump is obnoxious; I find it sort of entertaining. And he has the courage to stand up against the liberal intelligentsia of the country. What I don’t like about him is his beating his chest while threatening WW III. And also he is against my main policies: he has a dedication to increase the economy and any cost (“jobs, jobs, jobs”): global warming; depletion of non-renewable resources; increasing the national debt; and interminable wars (caused by numerous leaders beating their chests as well (or implicitly bragging about their penis size).

      Tx again for your support,

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