Hillary’s Vote to Play

Hillary’s Vote to Play

Nov 4, 2016

Note: this article was written on 11/4/16.

We don’t have to wait for the FBI release of Hillary Clinton’s emails and we don’t even have to see the movie, “Clinton Cash” to see a version of Hillary’s pay to play policy. We only have to look at her campaign speeches and see the name of her new game: vote to play.

Open borders

In one of her speeches to an enthusiastic Hispanic audience the promised them, if elected, she would not deport one illegal immigrant. If this is not vote to play, nothing is.

It turns out that the Hispanic vote will probably be the deciding factor in the election. Hillary has around 85% of the Hispanic vote. This will probably win the deciding electoral votes in the crucial swing states. And why shouldn’t the Hispanic voters vote for her? A vote for Hillary means that Hispanics can say:

“All right, we got you elected, now pay up! Let all of us illegal immigrants become citizens and let us reunite with our families, like you promised. And let us bring our 100,000 mothers and fathers (of the 50,000 unescorted kids who crossed the border), as well as our brothers and sisters, our grandparents, and our aunts and uncles.

“And if any politician ever threatens to restrict Hispanic immigration in any way, just wait and see how quickly you will be voted out of office.  We will treat you just like we are going to treat the Republican Party.

“Once we all become citizens and we re-unite with our families, who will then become voters, we will have control over the nation’s immigration policies.  Open borders, here we come!

“Oh, and one more thing, the U.S. must be a bilingual country.  Anything else is racist.”

Hillary has said she is not for open borders. Yeah, right.

One of her main goals in politics has been (like President Obama) to be a “transformative President.” She wants to “change the world.”

As she has said many times, she wants to “do as much good for as many people and for as long as possible.” And how else to do more good than to give the rich United States to the poorer people in Latin America and to the poor in the rest of the world? Let them all in, and give them whatever they need.  And let the white sucker pay for it.  Also, the Clintons and Obama have been helping the poor countries of the world, like Mexico and China, by transferring our industry to them.

(In the meantime the Clintons, like all good liberal leaders, get rich — $100 million since 2000 — just like Secretary of State Kerry was the richest person in Congress, and just as the Obama’s will cash out once out of office.)

Poor people of color (anything darker that white) will gain and the white sucker will loose. And he should loose. He is the scapegoat of modern history. What has he done in the last 200 years except oppress and exploit women and people of color? The quicker he gets thrown over the cliff, the better – the deplorable person that he is.

The second vote for play

The second vote for play is free tuition for the millennials. No wonder why young people and academia are so enthusiastic for Hillary. Nothing beats free tuition. And who pays? The deplorable white sucker of course. And the millennials – now the new suckers – will also pay, because the national debt will be thrown in their laps.  But the millennials haven’t caught on yet, so they are racing to the polls and they will be significant in winning the election for Hillary.

Obama’s bill

Obama has already done this to the millennials. He promised them, if elected, “we can change the world.” And change it he did. After the millennials turn 26 they will have to pay high health insurance premiums, for insurance they don’t need, and they will have to pay high deductibles (up to $7,000 a year).  Thus they will be paying high premiums and getting virtually nothing, since, being young, they are in good health.  Meanwhile 25 million more “poor people” get free health insurance.

But “Everyone can keep their doctor, keep their health insurance, and their premiums will go down around $2,500.”  Yea,right.

On top of this, Obama has handed the millennials a $10 trillion dollar credit card bill, which they will never pay off and on which they will make payments on for the rest of their lives. This bill has been added on to the $10 trillion bill that Presidents Reagan and President Bush II left them.

This $20 trillion debt is equal to around $300,000 debt for each taxpayer (the 70 million citizens who actually pay federal taxes), which will never be paid off.  The interest on this debt must be paid every year.  The interest is now 1%, but will eventually be 3%, the historic average rate. This means that these taxpayers each will now pay, on average, $3,000 a year for the interest on our debt, and eventually $9,000 a year. ($20 trillion divided by 70 million taxpayers who are in the top 50% of all taxpayers, multiplied by 1% and 3% ).  And forget about ever paying any of this money back.  (See the article, “Who Pays”)

But vote to play is the name of the game.   Hillary is doing nothing wrong, nor nothing out of the ordinary, given the ethics of politics. Ever since the birth of democracy – the best system we have created so far – the practice has been:

“Vote for me and, if elected, I’ll give you what you want.”


As deplorable as he is, concerning our immigration policy, Trump at least put America first.

Also, as deplorable as Existential Eddie might be, it seems as if he has the most reasonable and the most responsible immigration and economic policies.   That’s why he belongs to the Responsibility Party!

Eddie is trying to create policies that are best for the country, and the world, regardless of how many votes he gets.  (And this is one reason why he will get so few.)

(To see all the policies, click “policies” in exedforpresident.com.)




  1. Rushman /

    Give the man a chance. He pulled off getting to the White House when even Republicans worked against him. He just might pull America up again, which will benefit the world economy. One thing he proved, he is a successful man, even against heavy odds

  2. I think Trump did pretty well considering he was up against a PROFESSIONAL LIAR, who is surrounded by professional liars, and helped by the professional media liars.

  3. I’m getting tired of people not doing their homework on Honest Hillary. She did not send or receive classified emails. See Executive Order 13526. FBI Director Comey lied UNDER OATH to the House Oversight Committee on July 7. All you have to do is listen to the 4.5 hrs of Comey being grilled by the Committee

  4. TRUMP will calmly ask HER about the open borders and bill’s rape victims and keep pounding HER till she twitches

  5. Some of the pundits on Fox earlier today said that Trump should be humble, admit he had done wrong, and then quickly move to attack Hillary for the content of these Wall Street speeches. If you want to but anxiety in the hearts and minds of the average Dem voter, he needs to remind them that open borders and the free movement of labor within this hemisphere, as she’s proposing, will DESTROY the economic status for most Americans – only the wealthy will prosper in that situation.

  6. Well they are going to have a hard time with Russia that’s why they are trying to tie Trump with Russia, If Hillary gets in it is the end of America!

  7. Michael /

    When Martin Luther King had a dream, he told the world. When progressive Libs like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have a dream, they keep it to themselves and say one thing but do the exact opposite. In this case, we had to find out about Hillary’s open borders dream from leaked emails. All those families who stood on the stage with Donald Trump, whose loved ones were murdered by illegal immigrant criminals, at least know that Trump stands with them.

  8. I agree with Eddie in that, as bad as Trump is, he does put America First. Not needing to and not taking a salary of 450k as President is impressive in itself. It causes me to question the notion that he is in it for himself. He did after all spend quite a bit of his own cash!

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