Trump Could Save America

Trump Could Save America

Nov 24, 2016

Note: This article was written on Thanksgiving day, 11/24/16

As many people say, we have no idea what Donald Trump might do. He could be a total disaster, as the Progressive Con hopes and believes, or he could be a success. Also he could be a national hero! He could save America from the Hispanic and Muslim invasion.

Trump could actually enforce existing immigration laws and then pass immigration laws that are reasonable and that put America first.

(This is opposed to putting the Latin America and Muslim populations first. And to hell with American citizens, who we all know are a basket of deplorable racists.

Obama’s and Hillary’s immigration policy is a result of irresponsible idealism, which believes that: “Whatever ideals we insist on imposing on the American society will have positive results. And if they don’t have positive results, well, that’s your problem.”)

Hillary Clinton said that this election was about “who we are.” She may have had a point. Of course what she meant was “Are we a nation of idealists or a nation of despicable and irredeemable bigots?”

However, another way of looking at this battle over the nation’s identity is this: “Are we a nation of immigrants — based on the values of historically revealed truths and the values of Western Civilization — or are we a nation of open borders, diversity, and a patched blanket (rather than a melting plot)?”

Should we open borders that allows anyone who “wants a better life” to come and become citizens and should we allow a diversity of religions — a diversity that includes a religion that has as one of its long-term goals to violently subordinate all other religions and all philosophies that oppose its holy book?”

Trump may create a nation of reasonable immigration laws are actually enforced (that is, allow deportations of illegal immigrants) and that protect the values and the basic character of the country. He could do this for the foreseeable future.

This outcome is opposed to a country with interminable riots and destruction — political movements that want a country based upon goals that are anti-white (that is, anti-European and pro “people of color”), anti-Western Civilization, anti-Judaism, and anti-Christianity.

Let’s see what happens.

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving from Eddie!




  1. Saying you are going to build a wall, ban Islam and deport illegals is a ploy to get elected. Elect him and watch him change up the system for the benefit of the wealthy like himself. George Bush Tax cuts for the very rich. The middle class screwed again.

    • Maria, Faith, and Johnson,
      Thanks for your — always — thoughtful comments. They shine light on both the thesis and the antithesis concerning immigration. Where can this thinking lead to, but a clearer perception of political reality? And hopefully a better world.

  2. Johnson /

    No, it’s a ploy to establish a sovereign nation with defined boundaries, counter Islamic Terrorism until our new leaders get a grip on what’s happening and try to uphold a nation of laws for law abiding citizens. We can’t be screwed any more than we have been by Obama and his minions. And four years goes fast; if he’s a charlatan, he’ll be a one-term president.

  3. Faith you seemed to have missed the point about building a wall. It ain’t a ploy girl. If you think it is, you ought to talk to the folks in New Hampshire where there is rampant drug infestation due to a lack of border security. The Trump wall will be just one component of this.

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