Inaugural Poetry

Inaugural Poetry

Feb 24, 2017

Ther Inaugaral. 1/20/1 Donald Trump is inaugarated Schumer gives a pro-Progressive speech And is booed by crowd “We want Trump, we want Trump” Afterwards Schumer smiles widely As he shakes Trump’s hand As does Palosi They look silly All politics may be a conflict of visions Obama and Schumer See a country at peace Dedicating to helping the...

A Cannibal Contradiction

A Cannibal Contradiction

Feb 10, 2017

2/10/17 Gilberto Valle, a.k.a. “the Cannibal Cop”, 32, was convicted in March 2013 of engaging in cannibal talk on the internet with fellow “cannibals.” He was convicted of planning to cook and eat his wife, along with other women. The big question was, was he actually planning to do it or was it just a pleasure-filled fantasy. His wife,...

A poem: The Beautiful and the Deplorable

A poem:  The Beautiful and the Deplorable

Feb 6, 2017

The Beautiful and the Deplorable The thesis and antithesis reigns The conflict is driving us all into apoplexy We can listen to the Trump haters who openly say they want him impeached or even assassinated They accuse him of not being able to lead a two-car funeral Of being totally dysfunctional of creating conflicts with both adversaries and allies of being...


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