Definitions of Neurotic Equality, Freedom, and Justice

Definitions of Neurotic Equality, Freedom, and Justice

Jan 1, 2018

Below are the definitions of neurotic equality, freedom,and justice that are being used in this news site.  “Neurotic” is being defined as beliefs that do not correspond to reality, economic, political, social, and spiritual reality.  Thus, these beliefs are doomed to result in dysfunction in the long-run.  Reality always wins in the end, truth always wins.

Neurotic equality

Believers in the black con want to establish a society where blacks have as much political and economic power as whites, even though they comprise only 14% of the population, whereas whites compose over 60%.  The black con dreams of the day when “people of color” — that is, mostly Hispanics and African Americans — will constitute the majority of the U.S., which will come in the near future.  He believes that when that day comes, people of color will be able to take money away from whites and distribute it equally between all races, and do this through democratic political means.

Black con believers want to have the same financial equality of whites, even though they don’t follow the same evidence-based economic laws that are required for financial success.  They don’t work as hard as whites, Asians, Jews, and Caribbean-Americans.  And they don’t do the other behaviors that are necessary to financial success. Here are some of those behaviors:

Get married and stay married (be responsible for your children).

Invest 10% of your income (especially in your education).

Understand compound interest.

Value education.

Protestors complain that there is 50% unemployment among black youth. But the white sucker looks around and sees almost 0% unemployment among young Hispanic immigrants. The white taxpayer sees these (often illegal) immigrants working hard, contributing to society, and earning enough money to support themselves and their families, as well as sending money home.

The white conservative also sees Asian youth with nearly 0% unemployment. Many of these youths have experienced much more oppression in their home countries than blacks have had in this country.

With his demand for financial equality between all racial groups, the black con is committed to taking as much money from the whites as he can get, until there is this racial financial equality.  To accomplish this goal he applies constant political pressure to pass laws for more income distribution and diversity.  And he proclaims his goals of economic equality (without equality of contribution) as being the absolute height of morality and what God wants).  If this strategy doesn’t work, there’s always theft, drug dealing, and other criminal behavior (that is, behavior that “gets over” on the society). Then there is the treats of riots if intolerable inequity continues.  Any resistance by white taxpayers to the goal of racial financial equality is considered to be racism and oppression.

Neurotic justice

Protestors are also demanding neurotic justice. They want an equal percentage of all races arrested and imprisoned, regardless of the different behaviors of the different races. Thus since blacks are only 14% of the U.S. population there should be only 14% black prisoners, as opposed the current number of around 50%.  Having this high percentage of the prison population is considered by the black con as the reinstitution of slavery, and jails are seen as plantations (see the book, The New Jim Crow, a best selling book).

The protestors want to be able to resist arrest, assault cops, refuse to obey reasonable orders from cops, and threaten cops with death, all with no consequences.

The protestors want African Americans to be treated equally by cops, as equal as everyone else, even though African American males commit four times the rate of crimes as the average American. And this includes four times the rate in the murdering of cops and resisting arrest.  Cops arresting more blacks than other racial groups is considered racial profiling.

Neurotic peace

The protestors want neurotic peace. They want to be able to destroy property and assault innocent people in riots until all of their demands are met. Then there will be peace. Until then, “No justice no peace.”

Neurotic freedom

Many of the protestors also want neurotic freedom for African Americans. They want to be free from the U.S. (racist) laws, especially they want the freedom to steal, assault, kill, and sell drugs, with no legal consequences.  They want to practice anti-social behavior with no social consequences.  Any practical political strategy to combat this neurotic freedom is seen as oppressive and racist.

The definition of “freedom” with the black con is “the ability to do anything you want to do, when you want to do it, with no negative consequences.”  This definition of “freedom” directly contradicts the Christian definition:  the freedom from sin and death.”   The black con wants to create a society where his definition of freedom is guaranteed to every person, especially African Americans, with no negative outcomes.  Otherwise there will be no peace.


  1. Meghan Codd /

    “They want to create a society where this level of freedom is guaranteed to every person, especially African Americans. Otherwise there will be no peace.”– so not fair.

    • admin /

      Tx for your thoughtful comment. Yes, a society based on neurotic demands is doomed to dysfunction, which we can see everyday in a growing dimension.


  2. Amy W /

    I agree RG. These are all neurotic, doesn’t coincide with reality. It’s like they want to create another world for themselves.

    • admin /

      Yes, and an alt world that is doomed to fail — as all ideal societies that don’t correspond to reality eventually fail — after they finish their destructiveness. Just consider fascism and communism.

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