NRA and BS – a poem

NRA and BS – a poem

Feb 28, 2018

The National Rifle Association (NRA)

has the country by the throat

It doesn’t matter what we think

or feel

The NRA will have its way

They have their member’s addresses

all five million of them and their friends

and these people vote

and they vote for guns


The U.S. is the only country in the world

where an average citizen can buy an assault weapon

The NRA members say

“It is our right

it says so right there in the Constitution:

‘The government shall not impinge on the right to bear arms’”

which, of course, means

joe blow, down the street

can buy a surface-to-air missile

bullets that can pierce bullet-proof vests

and guns that go rat-a-tat-tat


Ms. Gonzales said it all:

“It’s all BS”

of course it is

just listen to the arguments of the NRA supporters,

all BS every word of it


Reason has left the building


On the other hand, the NRA opponents say:

“Tell me again, why does a person need to own an assault rifle?”


“What did the Founding Fathers mean by that line in the Constitution?”


But the NRA’s words are not the only BS flying around the country

Most of what we hear on the political commentators every night

on TV  is BS

BS which is perfumed to be exciting and be “breaking news”

BS which has as it’s primary purpose to boost ratings

and thus bring in big bucks (with nauseating ads)

making millions for the TV stations and

for he big mouths yelling at each other


Reason has left the building


There is BS in our national debt

In matter of fact, our national debt is drenched in BS

Obama was cheered because he cut the deficit in half

That’s right

he brought the deficit up to $1 trillion a year

and then brought it back to $500 billion a year

and Trump trashed him for that……..until he got into office

Then Trump found out how easy it was to hand over a credit card

After all Reagan did say:  “Deficits don’t matter.”

and got away with it

So why can’t the Bush’s, Clinton, Obama, and Trump?


Let’s just wait to hear what our kids have to say about it

when we hand them the credit card bill!


And there’s BS in our hurricanes, floods and draughts

in fact, it’s pouring BS


“Basket cases”

is a polite phrase

for what has happened to Puerto Rico, Haiti, and the Virgin Islands

not to mention the floods in Louisiana, the fires in California, and the draughts in Africa


The victims of these disasters

plea to help them rebuild

until next year

when everything will be destroyed again


Oh, but we ask,

“how could this happen?

After all, we do recycle our cans and bottles

and we did stop using sprays

and we did buy a Prius”

“Dumping hundreds of millions of tons

of carbon into the atmosphere every year

couldn’t possibly have a negative effect.”


“Our animals, our cars, our deforestation,

our carnivore diet, and our bloated consumption

couldn’t possibly be a cause”

But we can’t give these things up

They create “jobs, jobs, jobs”

and we have the right to have these things


My rights and my freedom come before the earth’s health


And the poor

in this country and around the world

all cry out:

“Don’t ask me to sacrifice

until I am equal to you

until I can produce and consume as much as you

till I can destroy the earth as much as you do

and then we’ll talk”




Reason has left the building


The kids were right

But wait till the shit really hits the fan

And then we’ll see what they have to say


Let’s talk about war

Let’s again prove how great we are

by bombing North Korea, Iran, maybe even Yemen

(but not the big countries

they might bomb us back)

We beat our chests

forgetting about what happened

in World War I and II, and the Vietnam war

Only the guys in nursing homes remember


So let’s do it again

just one more time


Bob Dylan is still singing

“The answers, my friend,

are blowin in the wind”

and indeed they are:





and world government


  1. David /

    Indeed, reason has left the building! What are we left with? All the BS that you mentioned. What has happened to humanity?

  2. Davina Johns /

    I feel so strongly about this poem, RG. I am at loss of words how dismayed I am with what’s happening, every day, I open up the news and tell myself, what’s another BS for today?

  3. admin /

    David and Davina,

    We’re on the same page! So, what can we do?

    We can put in our two cents. Write an email to a Congressman, talk to a friend, insist on reason.

    And what is reason? Let’s see……..2+2 = 4. Not 5, not 3, but 4. Ok, perhaps absolute truth is too hard to obtain, perhaps we live in the mythology of truth. But we can still have faith in our reason, that is, 2+2 really is 4 (even if the ultimate reality is that 2+2= 4.0000001. But 4 is good enough for our purposes.

    So how can we apply reason to politics? Let’s see:

    We need to get the lobbyists and the lawyers out of our thinking process. They contaminate our brains. They pump money into the democratic thinking process — the dialectic — for their interest groups, and themselves.

    We can work towards spending only what we have, and not give the bill to our kids.

    Take assault weapons, and most other guns, out of citizen’s hands

    Do what is good for all groups in the long run.

    We can work towards a world government (that is, against world destruction). Wow, that’s quite a project!

    We can work towards consuming less (austerity) and encouraging others to do the same. We can work towards creating a sustainable earth. (Quite a project, to say the least, but we can make a small step. At least we can move in that direction. We can quit the “world destruction” team.)

    We would like to do more, but all we got is two cents. But that’s enough, if we spend it with love.

    Tx for your comments.


  4. Tiffany McBride /

    “My rights and my freedom come before the earth’s health” It saddens me that we’ve come to this point in our society.

    • admin /


      Tx for your thoughtful response. You’ve asked a profound question: what is more important, the health of the earth or my individual freedom (that is, inauthentic freedom — to do whatever I want, when I want).

      In other words, what is more important, my personal good or the common good?

      Of course, we have this nutty philosophy in this country — created by a warped interpretation of the free enterprise economic theory that: if everyone pursues their individual self-interests, the whole country and the whole world will be just fine.

      Tx again,

  5. Jim Hogan /

    We’re living in a world of BS! Have we come to a point of no return? I hope not. Just imagine the world we’re leaving to our kids.

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