Joke: First Class Blond

Joke: First Class Blond

Apr 17, 2018

 A very attractive blond gets on a plane in New York City, going to Chicago.  She sits in her assigned 3rd class seat.

As the plane reaches cruising speed the blond notices and empty seat in the 1st class section, so she gets up and moves to it.

The airline hostess comes to her and asks for her ticket.  The blond says “Sure” and hands the hostess her ticket.  The hostess says, “I’m sorry, but this is a 3rd class ticket, so you’re going to have to go back to your seat.”

The blond replies, “Well, I’m sorry too.  I’m beautiful, I’m blond, this seat is empty, and there is no reason I can’t sit here.  I’m not moving.”

The hostess tries to reason with her but gets nowhere.  So she goes and tells the co-pilot the problem.  The co-pilot comes and tries to reason with the blond, but she gives him the same response:  “I’m beautiful, I’m blond, this seat is empty, and there is no reason I can’t sit here.  I’m not moving.”

In frustration, he goes back to the cockpit and informs the pilot of the problem.  The pilot says, “Let me talk to her.  My wife is blond and I know how to talk to her.  You take the controls.”

The pilot goes back to the blond and whispers something in her ear.  The blond says, “Ok” and goes back to her assigned seat.

The hostess is flabbergasted.  She asks, “What did you say to her?”

The pilot responded, “Oh, I just told her that the 1st class wasn’t going to Chicago.




  1. David /

    Hahaha, this is funny RG!

  2. Tim Hogan /

    Classic blonde joke!

  3. Tiffany McBride /

    Should’ve asked her to pay for first class. wonder if she’d still refuse to leave.

  4. Jillian Anderson /

    I like this one, RG

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