Racialism can be defined as looking at social reality with racial perspectives, while not expressing the spirit of hatred.  Racism on the other hand, is perceiving other races than one’s own with a spirit of hatred, which includes the denigration of the other.  With the spirit of hatred, one’s perception of reality is distorted, including the perception of the hater, himself.  This can only have dysfunction effects in the long run.

Of course, the spirit of hatred can take many forms and express many emotions.  The most common expression of the spirit of hatred is the denigration of the other and the most common emotions are anger, hostility and violence towards the other.

On the other hand, racialism, and be a perception of other races without hatred, and thus without a distortion of reality.  One can  make valid generalizations, perceptions and thoughts about other races without hating them, and even with loving and affirming them.  That is, one can do a racial analysis of a political or social situation without the spirit of hatred — without racism.  One of the forms of this love can be telling the truth — that is, creating ideas that correspond to reality — about other races.

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