News Blasts, May 5, 2005: North Korea Bombs, Hamas Bombs, Hispanics Smuggle

News Blasts, May 5, 2005: North Korea Bombs, Hamas Bombs, Hispanics Smuggle

May 6, 2019

NYP 5/6/19

Trump’s Negotiating Skills

Kim Jong-un, the dictatorial leader of North Korea, after a meeting with Vladmir Putin last week, personally presided over the firing of several short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan.

So much for President Trump’s negotiating skills.  Trump’s rival, Senator Schumer, said we should stop “pussyfooting” (is this a sexist remark?) around with Kim.

This could be another case of proxy penis swaggering (another sexist remark?) between Putin and Trump?  Could Putin be using Kim to prove that he’s got more power than Trump?

Since North Korea has – or is developing – a nuke, this is another bit of compelling evidence that we have a choice:

One, a world government — one that outlaws nukes for every country but a few leaders — e.g. U.S., Russia, China, and EU. Then throw in Israel since they have six million people surrounded by a hundreds of millions of Muslims who want to kill them.

And two, World War III.

Hamas bombs Israel

Militants in Gaza launched 700 rockets against Southern Israel in the last three days.  Israel’s anti-rocket missiles was only able to stop 173 of them, thus over 500 landed.  Israel responded by bombing 260 suspected Hamas targets, killing 29.

Let’s see, that 70 years the Muslim war against the infidel Israel has been going on, with no end in sight.  Meanwhile these wars have come and gone:  Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War.  The Mid-East war continues to be a war that may ignite WWIII

The only possible solution is the leaders (U.S., Russia, China, and the EU) of the world imposing a settlement.

New Mexican border town declares state of emergency

Recently two border control posts were closed down near two border towns.  They were needed elsewhere on the border to try to halt the increased Hispanic illegal immigrant invasion.  Meanwhile, a recently elected Democratic governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, was elected and she pulled 118 National Guard Troops from the Southern border.  She said their deployment was a “charade of fear-mongering” by President Trump.

Now the local Sheriffs confiscated $65,000 of illicit drugs in April, including fentanyl and methamphetamines, up from $3,500 confiscated in January.

A 2,000-member gang, knows as Barrio Aztecas, is considered responsible.  Over 500 of the gang members are now in jail, with a probable cost of $20,000 a year each, costing local taxpayers $1 million a year.

Our Progressive politicians respond with, “So, what?  Open the borders more.  No walls, less border patrol, no deportations, eliminate ISIS.”

That is, they imply we should open the borders.  It adds to the economy.   There’s no need for immigration laws that are actually implemented.  That’s racist.


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