Buttigieg Wants to Kill Jefferson

Buttigieg Wants to Kill Jefferson

May 29, 2019

Pete Buttigieg, a democratic candidate for President, wants to tear down statutes of Thomas Jefferson and delete him from honorable mention in history books.

This is just what we need, more denigration of dead white men.

And why not?  There is a movement in this country to destroy white supremacy and replace it with the supremacy of people of color.  To be more specific, there is a movement to take down white male supremacy and replace them with women and people of color.

Then to be even more specific, the movement is to take down white straight men (cis-gender men) and replace them with gay and transgender people, women and people color.

The belief that these activists are selling is that then we will have an ideal society, one based on justice and equality.

So who better to advocate this movement but a white gay male?  One of the victims of straight white supremacy?

(While we’re at it, let’s get our vocabulary straight (no pun intended).

“White supremacy” to most white victims mean the “alt-right,” the “far-right,” the “racist whites,” or the “neo-Nazis.”

However, to the Progressive con “white supremacy” means all whites, since whites are the dominant social group and seen as the oppressors of society.

This wing of the Progressive movement wants to level off the society so that every race and every sex has an equal share of the American pie, regardless of how much they contributed in baking the pie.

And who better to start off with but Thomas Jefferson?  So what if he and his friends founded this country?  He was a slave owner and should be condemned to extinction — as all historical supporters of slavery should be so condemned.  This means virtually all historical and philosophical leaders before 1700 should be condemned and driven out of history books.  It was around 1700 when the revolutionary idea of political human equality was created.  (Existential equality had been around for 3,000 years.)

Let’s have a thought experiment:  Imagine that the Progressive con was successful, and that all white men are driven out of power and out of history.  What will we have left?  Will it really be a better world?

Or will we appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears it took to get us the quality of life we have now, and lost.

Then perhaps we will learn again:

Ingratitude is the greatest of sins.



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