Biden Flips

Biden Flips

Jun 7, 2019

The Catholic Church believes that the fetus is sacred.  Joe Biden, the leading Democratic presidential candidate, is a practicing Catholic.  Thus, historically he has always been against the government paying for abortions.  Why force Christians to sin by participating in one million fetuses being aborted every year (babies being killed)?

Wasn’t it a sin for the everyday Germans to be complicit in killing 6 million Jews in World War II?

“Not so fast, Joe.”

As the Democratic party moves to the left,  they demand that a woman has a right to an abortion, and this implies – they insist – on the availability to an abortion, which in turn implies (by an existential deduction) the right to have a free abortion if a woman can’t afford one.

This means that all taxpayers who believe that abortion is murder must help pay for abortions, just as Germans had to help pay for the concentration camps.

The Democratic left gave Joe this decision:

Support abortion on demand or forget about the

 Democratic nomination for President.

Biden decided that he’d like to be President.

In Mother Theresa’s acceptance speech for her Nobel Peace Prize, Mother Theresa made this statement:

Once a society accepts that a woman has the right to kill her children,

anything is acceptable.

So, does our accepting one million abortions a year have anything to do with our accepting our destruction of the earth’s environment? Or our acceptance of maximum production and consumption? Or our resistance to a world government that prohibits war?





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