A White Victim Strikes Back

A White Victim Strikes Back

Jun 15, 2019

Oberlin was fined $44 million for helping the black con and Progressive con (6/15/19 NYT)

Within the Progressive con and black con of the elite private university of Oberlin it is considered a right of passage to rip off oppressive white businesses in the middle of corn fields in Ohio.

In one incident a couple of black students – who were probably on full scholarships (so that Oberlin could have diversity) – tried to buy a bottle of wine from a local bakery with fake ID.  The shopkeeper noticed one student had two bottles of wine hidden under his jacket.

When their thievery was exposed, they took off running.  Unlike most businesses in major cities, this bakery had the policy of “chase-and-detain.”  The young shopkeeper chased the student with the wine, tackled him, and held him until the police came.  The students were arrested and later pled guilty to various charges.

This was totally unacceptable to the progressive students at Oberlin – and even to the President of the college, who after the suit said “none of this will sway us from our core values.”

Hundreds of students – wanting to implement their ideas learned at the liberal college, and many wanting to be an American Che Guevara’s, desiring to be upper-middle-class revolutionaries and change the country into a (dysfunctional) ideal one.  Not allowing black students to steal wine was considered “racial profiling” and intolerable.

They also opposed “chase and detain” policies.  Like our national norm, the black con and progressive con believe that suspected criminals have the right to resist arrest by any means necessary.  Any force used against a suspected criminal resisting arrest is often considered “fascist” and “racist.”

This boycott almost ran the bakery out of business, which had been in the family for three generations.  The bakery sued Oberlin,  and the jury – probably consisting mostly of local rural citizens – decided to award Oberlin $11 million of damages and $33 million for punishment.

(The students weren’t sued because they had no money and – hey – the lawyers have to make their 33% cut so, as usual, they sued where the money was.)

Oberlin claimed that they weren’t responsible for the boycott and that the store brought it on themselves.  They stated that they were only supporting their students and were not claiming the store owners were racists.

OK, so here we have one of the top colleges in the country, and neither the students nor the President know that stealing is wrong.  And they believe that people don’t have the right to protect their property, especially when oppressed black youths are trying to take the property from oppressive whites.

The same thing happened in New York City a few years ago.  A black youth was restrained for try to steal some products from a Korean Deli.  As with Oberlin, the black and progressive activists made it a catalyst for encouraging the civil rights movement for neurotic freedom, justice and peace.  They boycotted the store until they drove the Koreans out of business (and hopefully out of the country).  So much for the unity of oppressed people of color against the white oppressors. (But then perhaps Koreans don’t have enough color.)

In one instance an enlightened black high school teacher supported the Koreans in the desire to protect their store against theft, and he brought his whole class to the Deli to buy products.  The teacher was eventually driven from his job.

Where is Rudolf Giuliani when we need him?  When he was the mayor of NYC he practiced the “broken window” philosophy, which stated if we prosecute small crimes, the big ones will be reduced.

During his mayoralty, he not only eliminated street prostitution and street muggings, he brought the murder rate in New York down from six-a-day to two-a-day.  Presently (10/19), New York City is considered the safest big city in the country.  For Giuliani’s good deeds, even today, the Progressive con and black con call him a “fascist” and “racist.”

(We can now (10/19) see Giuliani falling apart — possibly partly because he has been seduced (intoxicated) by power and possibly partly because of his drug use in fighting his prostate cancer) — but we can’t deny that he once was a hero to New York, making permanent reductions in crime and thus increasing the civility and the economy of the city.  His legacy was continued with the wisdom of Mayor Bloomberg — for 12 years — and the reluctant acquiescence of Mayor deBlasio

De Blasio, however, has backslid somewhat, due to his belief in neurotic idealism, and now we have black kids squirting water at cops and dumping buckets of water on them, as a political action to protest the New Yor implementation of Jim Crow laws — that is, any laws.)




Perhaps we should have a national agreement that stealing is wrong.  Perhaps we should even teach this is our universities.  We could even have a national agreement that people have a right to protect their property.

Perhaps then the bigger crimes will be reduced – like 17 people being killed in St. Louis on the weekend of June 7-9, 2019, mostly black-on-black murders.





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