Trump and the Squad – a Poem

Trump and the Squad – a Poem

Jul 19, 2019

Trump tells the squad to go back

The squad tells Trump to go to hell


Trump’s crowd yells “Send her back, send her back”

The squad yells: “racist, narcissist, fascist”


The squad refers to the President

As the occupier in the White House


Somehow Trump’s crowd isn’t filled

With racial hate

As all the progressives like to see them

But rather they seem

Like a crowd yelling at a wrestling match

Having a good time


(after all, American politics is basically

an entertainment industry

and Trump, besides being a builder,

is basically an entertainer

with a background in wrestling entertainment)


As the Trumpers are filled with glee and laughter

the Squad and Progressives are filled with

justified hate

justified denigration and

justified righteous indignation


Hatred not only for Trump

but for all those deplorable 60 million people

who voted for him

who still support him


Those bigoted, xenophobic, Islamophobic,

Homophobic racists


Not like immaculate Progressives

who only wants an ideal world

where there is no suffering, no war, no poverty,

no financial responsibility,

and no hatred (except theirs, of course)


And what is the difference between denigrating black people

and denigrating white people?

Between denigrating illegal immigrants

and denigrating Southern citizens?

Between denigrating the Squad

and denigrating Trumpers?

Between denigrating Progressives

and denigrating Conservatives?


I’ll tell you the difference:

The Progressives are good and the Conservatives are bad

The Progressives are intelligent and the Conservatives are stupid

(at least they think so)


Simple as that

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