Revolution at Starbucks – a poem

Revolution at Starbucks – a poem

Jul 25, 2019

A group of young professionals/students

sit around a table for a business meeting

for an hour

Not one cup of coffee


I ask them,

“Do you think it would be good

to buy a cup of coffee?”


They are embarrassed and angry

they laugh it off


After all, they are people of color

shades from light brown to dark brown

I am an oppressive white racist

trying to take away their freedom

their freedom to take and not give


After all, the courts decided in their favor

and now the Starbucks revolution is here

people have a right to sit as long as they want

have a business meetings if they want

and use the bathroom

(no more fascist codes)

without having to buy anything


There is a free lunch!

Can’t those racist conservatives get that?

We can live a lifestyle of taking and not giving

Anything else is fascist


We must have free college education

and, of course, free room and board for four years

and what about graduate school?

we can’t forget graduate school


and since it’s free for us

all those past students who have student debt

should have it erased

all $1 trillion


But who should pay it off?

taxpayers of course

especially those rich people


Let’s take 80% of their wealth

we will have enough money

to realize all of our dreams

our ideals!

our rights!

like free financial security

whether we want to work or not

open borders so the whole world can come it

if they want

and get the free lunch

and affirmative action — excuse me, diversity programs

until the whole society is a perfect blend of color

courtesy of the racist European-Americans

Those people with white skins


That’s the least they can do

To make up for a history of slavery and racism

Unlike the immaculate history

Of people of color


There has to be something about brown skin

One drop and you’re pure

It must be the melanin


Unlike those evil white people

They must have bit the apple


So let us all people of color

(and women of course)

Live off the fat of the land

That is, the fat of all those racist rich white people


they forget

that it is difficult to make the world better

but very easy to make it worse


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