Trump and Jesus

Trump and Jesus

Aug 11, 2019


One strange correlation – one of many strange correlations in modern U.S. politics – is the relationship between many Christians and Donald Trump.  Non-believers complain: “How can his supporters call themselves Christians and support such a sleaze-ball as Donald Trump?”

Let me apply my dysfunctional mind to this mystery and see if I can come up with some interesting explanations.

First of all, many of the Christians argue:

God used flawed personalities for His purposes throughout history.” For example, David of the Old Testament, was certainly as flawed as Trump.  Sure, 30 years ago in a drug and alcohol-fueled night club, Trump may have put his hand up a woman’s skirt and touched her panties.

(Immaculate Michele Obama was horrified at such a disgusting act – her Baruch would have never done such a thing – but at the same time she honored Jay-Z who had such (disgusting?) lyrics in his “songs”: (“you (a woman) have to crawl before you can ball.”)

But let’s look at David again.  Before he anointed King of Israel, he was an Old Testament Jesse James.  He and his gang raided innocent villages, killed many of the inhabitants, and ran off with the booty.  As a king, he fell in love with Bathsheba and sent her husband out to the front lines of a battle where he was sure to be killed.  He made Trump look like a boy scout.

But David went on to be a great king and a hero for all times.  These Christians believe that Trump could fulfill God’s plan in a similar way.  Many fundamentalists believe Trump may even fulfill the fundamentalist mythology of Jesus and Satin fighting over Israel, with Jesus being the victor.

Let’s look at immaculate President Obama again and compare him to the sleaze-ball President Trump.  Obama ran up the national credit card to be handed to our children that equaled all past presidents combined.  How does this compare to Trump putting his hands up a woman’s skirt at a bar and then bragging about it in a private conversation?

But there is another mystical correlation between Jesus and Trump.  Perhaps the Catholics and fundamentalists are right, and God finds it offensive to commit one million abortions a year, regardless of what the feminists say.  As hypocritical and sleazy as Trump may be – and regardless of his political motivations — at least he says these mass killings are wrong.

(The anti-thesis – and there is always an anti-thesis – is that the historical religions were wrong:  If there is a God, She is not offended by fornication nor abortion.  In fact, She supports maximum sexual freedom for women.)

Still another correlation between Jesus and Trump is the cross.  According to his own words and Christian mythology, Jesus suffered for the forgiveness of sins.  One can look at Jesus as being a sacrificial lamb.  All the sins of man were projected onto his person and the crucifixion made possible the spiritual phenomenon that sins could be forgiven.

(There was a historical practice among Jewish believers where theor sins were written on parchment and the  put on the back of a goat. Then the “scapegoat” was driven over a cliff, thus abolishing (forgiving) the sins of the believers.)

In a similar way, all the sins of man – including global warming, war and the oppression of minorities – are projected onto Trump, and the hope and prayers of his “immaculate” enemies is that Trump will be utterly destroyed.  Then perhaps they will be forgiven for their own sins (including the depletion of the world’s resources and a million abortions a year) – and they will remain immaculate.

Once Trump is eliminated, we will live in a morally pure society again: “Make America moral again.”

If the Elizabeth Warrens and Bernie Sanders get in power, then we can then allow all the poor and suffering in the world, who want a better life, to come to the U.S. and become American citizens.  All they have to do is get their feet on American soil). We can also allow all the victims of crime and dictators of every country  to declare amnesty, and “come right in.”

We can also double our deficit again, just like Obama did — not that Trump wouldn’t do the same (“screw the children” economic theory).

And, best of all, we can destroy the earth at a slower rate.


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