News Blasts, May 5, 2005: North Korea Bombs, Hamas Bombs, Hispanics Smuggle

News Blasts, May 5, 2005: North Korea Bombs, Hamas Bombs, Hispanics Smuggle

May 6, 2019

NYP 5/6/19 Trump’s Negotiating Skills Kim Jong-un, the dictatorial leader of North Korea, after a meeting with Vladmir Putin last week, personally presided over the firing of several short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan. So much for President Trump’s negotiating skills.  Trump’s rival, Senator Schumer, said we should stop “pussyfooting” (is this a sexist...


Racialism can be defined as looking at social reality with racial perspectives, while not expressing the spirit of hatred.  Racism on the other hand, is perceiving other races than one’s own with a spirit of hatred, which includes the denigration of the other.  With the spirit of hatred, one’s perception of reality is distorted, including the...

Obama Opens the Door for Ms. Manning

Obama Opens the Door for Ms. Manning

Jan 18, 2018

Who in world is Ms. Manning? Oh yeah, it’s Bradley Manning, who was convicted of giving thousands of secret documents to Wikileaks and then sentenced to 35 years in jail — basically a life sentence. With our enlightened sensitivity to transgender issues, Manning was given a sex change operation in Leavenworth at taxpayers expense. He is now Chelsea...

Neurotic Equality, Justice, and Peace

Neurotic Equality, Justice, and Peace

Jan 1, 2018

Here are my definitions of  neurotic equality, justice and peace.  These are cognitive beliefs which I contend are some of the core beliefs of the black con, dysfunctional beliefs held by over 25% of African American activists.  One of the definitions of neurotic beliefs is beliefs that do not correspond with reality.  Thus these beliefs are also dysfunctional...

Joke – Ingratitude

A man is driving around the streets of New York City at 2 AM, looking for a parking space.  The only way to find a parking space in New York is if someone pulls out of one, and no one is pulling out of a parking space at 2 AM. Finally after two hours of driving around, the man is at the end of his rope.  He stops the car, puts his head on his steering wheel,...

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